Welcome to the blog of the Turva network!

’Turva’ means safety, but is also short for Toimintaa Uraaniteollisuutta Vastaan, which means Action Against Uranium Industry. Turva is an independent action network against nuclear power, uranium mining, nuclear and uranium weapons, and the whole uranium production chain and for its shutdown. Our activities are also closely connected to issues like mining and energy production in general, climate change, and issues with use of land and natural resources in general.
Our mode of operation is grassroots action without ’upper levels’, everyone in the network can participate and make initiatives. In the network are people from around Finland and other places as well, from different groups and movements as well as persons not affiliated with any groups. We work autonomously from organisations, political parties, and states. In our activities we focus on Finland, but we network and act also internationally – uranium industry issues know no borders, we don’t either!

If you want to work with us, find other people who are active, or if you want to publish a text or advertise an event through this blog, please contact us!

Because Turva is primarily about action and about networking, this blog is just one communication channel for the network, not an official mouthpiece. In the blog you will find news, information, opinions, and first and foremost, info about action and events. Also, of course, links to other good websites and groups.

To browse all material in English in this blog, click ’English’ in the menu.


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