Resistance to the nordic mining boom – action camp 2013


Starting the 18th of June 2013, in Finnish North Karelia
camp poster




Resistance to the nordic mining boom – action camp in Finnish North Karelia starting the 18th of June 2013

The disastrous fiasco at the Talvivaara mine is not a rare exception, but business as usual wherever large mining corporations are operating. Polluted groundwater has been the cost to the surrounding area for every single uranium mine in the world so far. In Finland and Sweden, there are numerous projects underway for opening huge mines.

The international elite has decided to sacrifice the nordic nature to fuel a growth-compulsive economy, not caring about ecosystems or the opposition of the local inhabitants.

Keeping the environment livable demands determined resistance. Join us to share the needed knowledge and skills, and to act!
The camp is located ca. 30 km from the Talvivaara mine.

During the first week of the camp, we’ll share info about the mining situation in the north, and different skills and tactics for open direct action. These skills will be put to use in the second week. More info & updates coming at

Propose your own program! The camp will work in a self-organized manner, i.e. participants are expected to be active, and also to take part in the tasks of running the camp.
To cover costs we ask for a participation fee of 5-10 € per day, but also taking into account people’s personal economical situations. Rides from more accessible locations will be arranged as much as possible, so please tell if you would want a ride, as well as any other special needs, allergies etc., when announcing your participation.
Please tell of your coming before 10th of June, if possible! Use the Registration form or email turva ( )

TURVA – Action network against uranium industry

Hyökyaalto network (Rising Tide Finland)

Friends of the Landless Finland

The program of the camp can be found here.

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