Camp Program

[OHJELMA SUOMEKSI]Resistance to the Nordic mining boom – Action Camp
More info arriving continuously as the start of the camp approaches!

During the first week of the camp, we’ll share info about the mining situation in the north, and different skills and tactics for open direct action. These skills will be put to use in the second week.

Propose your own program! The camp will work in a self-organized manner, i.e. participants are expected to be active, and also to take part in the tasks of running the camp.

Program of the first week

Detailed program descriptions below.

Tuesday 18.6. Wednesday 19.6. Thursday 20.6. Friday 21.6. Saturday  22.6. Sunday 23.6.
9-10 Arrival,
camp preparations, getting to know each other.
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
10-12 Seminar: Local perspectives on mining projects

Leena Koivunen: Ranua and Yli-tornio in Lapland
Tuomo Tormulainen: Mining projects in Eastern Finland
Lasse Flöjt: Kuusamo, uranium and the best mining law in the world
My Leffler: Nianfors, mining resistance in Sweden

Seminar: Mining industry, its environmental and social impacts.
Jari Natunen: The effects of mining on water bodies.
Workshop: Climbing Workshops:

  • open direct action
  • media skills
  • creative action
  • photography

Workshop: Anti-mining movements and strategy Action training
12-13 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13-15 Camp start discussion Seminar: Local perspectives on mining projects
Seminar continues:
Friends of the landless: mines, power, and local communities
Workshop continues: Climbing Workshops continue Workshop continues Action training
15-15.30 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Midsummer celebration Coffee break Coffee break
15.30-19 Workshop: Making of a photo exhibition. Continues for the duration of the camp. Workshops Workshops:

  • Climbing (continues + for beginners)
  • Creative action

Workshops Workshop: Camp evaluation
19-20 Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
20 -> Socializing, workshops may continue Socializing, workshops may continue
Monday 24.6: Action Day


Detailed program descriptions

Info coming soon!


Resistance to the Nordic mining boom – Action Camp


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